Saturday, March 21, 2009

The FREE Beach

Granny has decided that it is wonderful to have full access to the Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse and all of their amenities. Specifically, the heated pool and the beach. And it is all FREE for her. I on the other hand, pay a nice little mortgage and a hefty monthly HOA fee to have access to these wonderful amenities. Now don't get me wrong, I would not want to live anywhere else. I don't know how anyone could move from here to another housing development and lose all of these privileges. But I'm not calling it FREE! However, Granny doesn't pay the HOA fee or the mortgage, so for her I guess it is free.


Well, my computer has been having what I would refer to as "fits" for the last few weeks. It was bogged down with junk and I'm pretty sure I have a minor virus or two on it. So, being the intelligent accountant that I am, I decided to put all my pictures and stuff on a memory stick an wipe my hard drive clean and just start over. After a few minutes on the phone with mom and Billy I was confident I was doing it right. I got done at about midnight. Then I realized that my computer was not recognizing my internet connection. That meant I couldn't download anything I might need. So at 12:30 I went to bed, being the intelligent accountant that I am. And tonight at 6:30 I called Marvin so he could tell me how to fix it. He did. Infact, he said you had to do this last time we wiped the hard drive clean. I had forgotten that, being an accountant. I can use the computer, just not fix it. Oh well, I'm up and running again!