Monday, February 11, 2008

Benjamin's 3!!!

Well on the 3rd the boy was three. He got a 14' trampoline for his birthday. He loves to jump on it. Mommy jumps with him some, but mommy always makes him fall down from the bounces. Mom, Kris, all her kids, Benjamin and I went to Olive Garden for dinner tonight. They have a fantastic peach tea. Little Benjamin loves to go out with his cousins. They are the most fun. Mommy gets a distant 2nd place to them. And Granny scored major points by ordering everyone a hot fudge sundae for desert. She's always so free with money when I'm paying.

Little Benjamin learned a new phrase when he saw his dad on his birthday. "D$%# it." I let it slide the first time or two with just telling him we don't say that it's not nice. But when he said it again last night he has to sit on mommy's lap and listen to how it isn't nice and it hurts mommy and Jesus when he says not nice things and he doesn't want to hurt mommy or Jesus. Then mommy asked who he learned this from. I was expecting one of his cousins. But no, he says Daddy. He says it and then says "I didn't say it." I bet his father was all over him about repeating it.

I have an old computer of Billy's that I need to get set up, mine is pretty old. I'm hoping to do that this weekend and then I can download all my new pictures from Christmas and the boy's birthday.