Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, since everyone is aghast over the $6-$7 on material I will tell the truth. It was $8 for the material for each set of PJ's. I know that is a lot, but nothing is to good for my boy. Now prepare to be stunned. Little Benjamin has to drink soy milk, this is due to his stomach issues. He drinks a half gallon a day, also due to the stomach issues. However, since it is sold in half gallon's this makes the math on how much it costs very easy. The brand he drinks is the same one that Austin drank when he was little. It used to be sold at Walmart. About 6 months after Little Benjamin started drinking it, Walmart stopped selling it. So I could get it at 3 grocery stores. The cheapest always had it ON SALE for $2.99 a HALF gallon, cost of about $90 a month. The second cheapest had it for $3.59 a HALF gallon, cost of about $108 a month. In December, these two stores stopped selling it. There is only chain grocery store in all of the east valley that still sells this brand. I'm glad you are all sitting down, because I will now be paying $4.59 a HALF gallon, a cost of about $140 a month. For MILK. I know that cow milk has gone up in the last year or so, but I now pay over $9 for a gallon of milk for my son. I spend more on milk than Krissy does with 4 kids. So, $8 for material for PJ's sounds down right reasonable. I can't get a gallon of soy milk for that. And the only thing I can think is "thank goodness someone still sells it. I need to call and put in a standing order." Yesterday, I had to go to 2 different store locations and only got 5 half gallons. I'll have to go back by Tuesday, because we will be out of milk.

Well, I called the store and they said they could special order me a case (6) every week and they would call me when it got in. And they would give me a 10% discount on a case. YEAH!!!!!!!!! It has been a good day.