Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Benjamin Doesn't Understand

Benjamin is really into what is "fair." He told me on the way home today "You get to listen to the radio half the way, then I get to watch my movie the other half." Sharing is fair.

I also heard today how it was not fair that at Sunday School Benjamin Laine got to move to room 4 and Benjamin Lawless is still in room 3. Thankfully this will be rectafied on Monday when "the Benjamins" will be back together in room 4. It is not fair that one Benjamin gets to go to a different room.

Here is Benjamin with his Granny on or last trip to Legoland. We went in April and in May. We took Granny both times.

In fact, we even took her to see Elvis while we were there.

Now, I am sure you are all wondering, what the "fair" has to do with our vacations....Benjamin loves airplanes. Granny got to ride on an airplane yesterday to go on vacation. She did not take mommy and Benjamin. This is not fair. Benjamin takes mommy and granny on his vacations, so he should get to go on Granny's. Granny you are in the dog house! You broke the fair rule.
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Friday, May 1, 2009

So Bright

Little Benjamin said he was hungry. I got him 2 small slices of banana bread. He said he wanted 3 pieces and I told him I would get him another one when he was done. He finished and said he wanted 1 more piece, because he wanted 3 pieces. I gave him 1 more piece and he promptly tore it into 3 pieces. He then proudly told me, "I have 3 pieces now, and I had 2 pieces earlier, so I got 5 pieces." Mommy was just shocked over his addition. He's so bright.
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