Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy News!

Austin had his birthday party on Sunday. I offered to drive Billy and Kimmie, so we would use my gas. They agreed that was a good idea. I am such a nice person...Especially since the party was from 11:15-1:15 and mom decided to set up a hair appointment for Kris at 1:00 and told her to leave her 4 kids at the party and I would look after them. Now I would have 2 helpers who were stuck helping me till I drove them home. Ok, I'm not really that nice, but you have to admit it was a smart thing to do.

The following is part of the conversation on the way there.
Me: My next house needs a pool.
Billy: Yes, our next house does.
(I let this comment slide)
Me: And an extended 2 garage.
Billy: A 3 car would be better.
Me: Why would I need a 3 car?
Billy: Two for your car and stuff and one for my stuff?
Me: Are you planning on moving with me?
Billy: Yes.
Me: Have you talked to Kimmie about this?
Billy: Sorta. I’m moving with you.
Me: Kimmie what do you think of moving with me.
Kimmie: I’m moving where ever Billy moves.
Me: Ok.
Billy: We need to 2 master bedrooms also.
Me: Yeah.
Billy: Even better, a pool house.
Me: Billy I can’t afford a house with a pool house.
Billy: Yeah, a pool house and I could expand it to make it bigger if we needed.
Me: Billy, I can’t afford a house with a pool house. And even if I could do you know how big the main house would be. At least 3000 sq feet. What do me and little Benjamin need with 3000 sq ft of house. No, I will not live in the pool house and give you the main house. I can’t afford a pool house.
Billy: Well, it needs 2 masters. Unless you want to give the master to us.
Me: She who signs the loan papers gets the master.
Kimmie: That’s fair.

So, that's my "happy news" (I'm still working on convincing myself of this)
Billy, Kimmie, Austin, and future baby are moving with me. Did I mention that my lease isn't up until Halloween? Well, I guess this is an improvement. I don't think I have ever know Billy to have a plan for anything so far in advance.

Now I've got to get a much better job to support this house I need. Trust me the 2023 sq ft we currently have isn't enough room. 2500 at least. I probably can't afford 3000. I can't buy more mortgage than I can make on my own and I want to put down 20% because I will never pay PMI again.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Isn't this a GREAT face

Doesn't this just make a wonderful picture. I wonder where he learned it from...
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Oh yeah! This is who he learned it from. Austin wanted his picture taken this way....so of course Benjamin had to have his done also.

I've finished all my family Christmas shopping. I even got all my Adopt a Family's stuff dropped off to them on Thursday. I was completely done Christmas shopping, but then mom asked me to do some shopping for her. I ended up at the mall. That was when I ran into the Christmas Angel trees. They have over 50,000 kids registered for the Christmas Angles in Phoenix, I'm sure they won't all get presents. I decided to pick out a 2 yr old boy and a 5 yr old boy. I always do at least one angel. The last 2 years I've picked out a boy little Benjamin's age. Since I got Austin living here, I picked one out his age also. I thought about picking out one each of the grand kids ages, but I didn't really have the time to look, so I just got the two. Then I went on to another store for mom. I got the last of her shopping done and picked up a toy for each of my Angels. Then I saw a great riding toy for only $11. So, needless to say I decided to get toys age appropriate for each of the grand kids and tomorrow I'm going to get an outfit of clothes for each of the toys. Then I'll go back to the mall and drop off the presents for the 2 angels I have and pick our 4 more to match the presents I've bought. So, I'll be completely done Christmas shopping tomorrow. I'm going to try to take Mackenzie with me and little Benjamin to drop off the presents. She'll be able to help me find kids to match the presents. It will also help her understand how lucky she is. And hopefully it will stop me from picking up any more angels. I just feel so sorry for them. And not just because they aren't getting Christmas presents.
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