Friday, December 25, 2009


Benjamin and Austin were both pleased...

And so was Missy these are size 9 junior jeans...I would be glad if I could wear them also...
No need for reverse.....we just pick it up and turn it around....Benjamin did find the reverse finally...
Can you imagine them at 16...

Benjamin wanted to drive his car from my house to his...3 miles...He said he had a drivers license...Austin told him he did not...Benjamin said yes I do I got it at Lego Land last year...They gave him one when he drove the Lego cars...
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Christmas at Granny's

Granny did a good job of picking out an outfit for me. I love the fringe vest.

Benjamin really wanted a race car for Christmas. Granny & Papa got him this red convertible. He says it's just like Granny's car and he loves driving it around.

Santa decided that Mommy needed to have a gaming system for the boy, so he brought a Wii to Granny's house for mommy. I have a feeling that if I tried to return it to the store I wouldn't get anything next year.

And what good would a Wii be with out a new flat screen TV to play it on. I'm not sure where I'm going to put it since I already have 2 TV's.

It's been a good Christmas for the Lawless'. We both made a haul this year. Merry Christmas!!!!!
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Benjamin said that if mommy was really good this year he was sure that Santa would bring her presents. Well, mommy must have been because Santa brought her jerlery.

Benjamin helped mommy open her presents. He was really happy that mommy got a new portable dvd player. I won't let him have a TV in his room, but ever now and then I'll let him use the portable and lay in bed to watch a dvd. But Amanda broke ours in August, so the boy hasn't been able to watch TV in bed at all.

The boy was really good this year. Look at that stocking. It was mostly full of track suits and PJs. But he had fun unwrapping them.

A new bike!!! Santa forgot to get him a pump for the tires. Unfortunately Santa also forgot to put air in the tires. But its ok because Papa has 2 and were going to bring 1 of his home with us.

This is the first of Benjamin's 4 Christmas' today. Next is over to Granny's. Well, its our job to pick up Austin and take him to Granny's, so we better get going. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
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