Sunday, March 30, 2008

Benjamin got to play with his "friends" (cousins) all day today. First at Granny's at the baby shower, then he went over to Austin's to play, and then Austin, Billy, and Kimmie came over to his house for dinner. He had a great day. I forgot my camera at home for the shower and I helped Kimmie pull weeds in the front yard for about 2 hours, so I wasn't climbing my stairs until it was bed time and the camera was upstairs. Billy fixed Kris' car. It had a bad fuel pump. If he hadn't been working on her car, I wouldn't have pulled his weeds. They got a letter from the HOA and had to get them pulled. Well, I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed soon.

Friday, March 28, 2008


All the kids after the Easter egg hunt.
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Reah's husband

This is Marvin, Reah's husband. He was driving mom's car and found Austin's Batman sunglasses in the glove box and put them on. He said he thought that they went with the car.

New computer

Marvin told me how to fix my new computer over the phone. It was my birthday present from mom. Reah told her I would want a better present, but mom told her no I was practical and I needed my computer fixed. I told Reah mom was right. Yeah new computer. After I get the boys to bed tonight I will post more. I got Christmas, Birthday, and Easter pictures.

My Pirates

These are my pirates. Benjamin got to have Austin come over and play tonight. He might get to spend the night. These pictures are for Granny. She wants to see her (my) pirates. At first one wasn't so excited to get his picture take, but he hammed it up on the solo one. I guess he jus didn't want to share the spot light. It's a good thing he's an only child.