Thursday, December 8, 2011

The boy is just too smart....

Benjamin can read almost any word that can be sounded out. He already knows all 200 of his sight words that he is supposed to learn by the end of the year. But he does not read very fluently and his comprehension isn't the best. So mommy instated a new rule yesterday. It was a half day and I told him that to get to use any electronic device (tv, computer, DS, Netflix, or Granny's tablet) he would have to read. 1 page for 1 minute. Mommy thought she was being so smart. This way the time he spends looking at the pictures would not count towards tv time. So, Granny took Benjamin to the library to pick out some books. Benjamin picked out his own books. There were very few words on the pages. That way he didn't have to read many words to get his electronic time. Mommy is now going to have to specify that there must be at least 10 words on a page for it to count. I doubt this is going to go over very well. I'm still not sure if he doesn't have good reading comprehension or if he just feels no need to tell you about what he just read to you. With him it could go either way.

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The 4th Sister said...

Well we are not changing the rules on a day when
I deal with it plan on a Friday night